Sunday, November 4, 2012

Untitled (1)

Selv om du har skjøvet meg bort du vil glemme mig ikke. En dag, at, 'lite jente', du deg lure vil bryte du.

Jeg kommer alt du ønsket at hun kan være og mer.

Jeg reiser verden uten deg. Møte ekstraordinære folk uten deg.

 Selv om jeg var vondt, jeg blir bedre av og faktisk har mer tid til å fokusere på min karriere fordi din vil gå andre steder.

 Lykke til du digusting gutt. <3 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Speil speil

      JEG er alene. Ingen er her lenger.

     Ville det uansett om jeg bare forsvant? Livet kan være så belastende for alle.

     Kanskje, alt, alle, kunne endelig slutt å bekymre deg.

    Ingen flere telefonsamtaler. Ingen mer tekst. Ingen mer gråter og tigget, mens han roper, for din hjelp. Stemmen din...

Hva skal jeg gjøre? JEG er tapt. JEG ikke vet lenger. Gjør du? 

Monday, October 29, 2012


 Du er en hykler. En to overfor onde mann.

Du gjør meg syk. Du er parasitten i baksiden av hjernen min irriterende mitt liv. 

Du drikker min sjel og ete mitt hud.  Hvem er du?

 Øynene selv ligger for meg.

'Fornøyd'?  Kanskje jeg har sett på øynene igjen, min kjærlighet.

Fordi dessverre vil jeg holde på å dø for deg, min kjærlighet. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

 You can think of hundreds of thousands of reasons of what you did wrong. Sadly, you will never know.



White, Blank

 Why am I so dumb sometimes? Most recently I've been a great deal of stupid. Yes. VERY STUPID.

 I need to understand that people are not who they really are. They slip from your sight when you need to see them most. Its saddening.

 Although I don't ever like whining, I was becoming something I never have been. Affectionate. The fact you manged to get that part of me out in the open is almost supernatural so I don't very much appreciate you being how you are you towards me.

 Then again..who am I to say that I wasn't bothersome? I tend to put people off that way most of the time. Goodness, maybe I should question myself before jumping, more or less, free falling to conclusions. Correct?

 Who am I? Sometimes I forget. Then again, most everyone does.

Words to learn by:
Life inside the music box aint easy.The malots hit the gears are always turningand everyone inside the mechanismis yearning to get out.And sing another melody completelySo different from the one theyre always singingI close my eyes and think that i have found mebut then i feel mortality surround me.I want to sing another melodyso different from the one i always singBut when i do the dishesi run the water very very very hotand then i fill the sink to the top with bubbles of soapand then i send all the bottle caps i own a floatand its the greatest voyage in the history of plasticand then i slip my hands in and start to make wavesand then i dip my tongue in and take a tasteit tastes like soap but it doesnt really taste like soapand then i lower in my hole mouth in and take a gulp  and start to feel mortality surround mei close my eyes and think ive found mebut life inside the music box aint easythe malots hit the gears are always turningand everyone inside the mechanismis yearningto get out

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

For Whats Its Worth

 Sometimes I always look at my surroundings and think, "I don't belong here." Truly I do not. I cant stand living with such over dramatic people who are not allowed to question the right and wrongs.
 I work with such stereotypical porcelain toothed bun heads who's noses reach beyond cataclysmic size. Our boss strutting around with her itsy red convertible. She truly is, "The Devil Wears Prada."
 I'm about two plane tickets away from leaving the suffacation of this place. I'm tired of having to run and hide from my peers in fear of judgement.
 I would like to start a new and move somewhere far, far away. Where no one knows me so that way people will know ME.